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good job, brother. glad to see you on tv. >> dana: did he have a mustache like that in college? >> eric: he did. >> greg: so did you! >> eric: show a picture from when i was 18 years old. >> andrea: was his baseball career longer than that? >> a great baseball player. >> a lot of careers. >> dana: wow! i want to get to my barbara bush story. over the weekend, barbara bush hosted the 13th annual celebration of rating. her john jeb bush. they do it every year. they have done an amazing job of getting people. in fact, our own bill o'reilly of the o'reilly factor and author of many best sellers "killing kennedy" -- >> greg: does he write books? i didn't know that. >> dana: he also hosts a show. sometimes you're on it. here op presidents day, presidents and their family
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can have lasting impacts for years to come. we have 40 seconds left. >> greg: talk about how important that reading is. >> dana: you have a book there. >> greg: i do. i stole it. >> bob: let me guess. what book is it? has the word "hate" in it? >> greg: no. >> dana: it's called "the last line of defense." attorney general of virginia. he wrote this book and rupping for governor. >> bob: you are supposed to time these things so we get out on time. you're wrong, it was not depressing show. just that one segment. >> greg: yeah. it depressed me. >> andrea: are you depressed. we learned dana is trying to off herself. >> greg: slightly welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy or as i am known in sweden, steve gutfeld. let's go to jedediah jedediah
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be will you to see -- jedediah bila. >> our immigration system is ignoring the rules and leaving us with less high skilled workers and more dependence on government. our panel will explain why this, like bad dreams, is barack obama's fault. and can you improve are yo children's behavior by monitoring what they watch on tv? and is bill schulz's obsession with "dance moms" the cause of his fiestiness? did livers everywhere let out a tine me whimper. >> thanks, jed do guy -- thanks, jedediah. i am here with immogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries." lil ron, deputy director of "the daily caller." bill schulz -- oh you can't see this, but i put a sad face
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emogi in the prompter. and he is performing at the mgm grand in las vegas. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> are the rules not in order when it comes to our border? an alabama senator, i am told they have two, is accusing the obama administration of failing to enforce a welfare law. jeff sessions says the law which is meant to keep immigrants from setting up shop here and living off the taxpayer dime has pretty much been tossed out the window. >> we just got confirmed a few days ago that virtually no one is being examined before they enter the country on whether or not there will be a public charge. that is whether or not they will depend on government welfare. the law is for a hundred years you should not be admitted to the united states if you are going to need government assistance. so that is a real serious
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problem. we find they are not enforcing it whatsoever. >> he seems like a nice fella. sessions followed a department of homeland security report and found one incident in 2012 of an immigrant being turned away on grounds they would likely end up on welfare. meanwhile, a white house immigration proposal leaked over the weekend to america's high school newspaper "usa today" has drawn outrage from gop leaders. it would plan a visa for those here illegally and allow them to become permanent residents in eight years. marco rubio called it half baked and seriously flawed or as you might say, immogen, rub bish. speaking of free loaders. >> oh, brian i elliott was living on the edge that time. >> he is lucky. that was not a great decision. >> have i been asking him for weeks to leave and he won't. very annoying. jim, welcome to the show.
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>> thank you, andy. it is good to be here. >> have we gone from being the land of the tree to the land of the free stuff? >> i just think people are too polite to ask. nobody wants to say are you going to be on welfare? then you will be called racist. that's why nobody has asked. if you want to find out ask what their favorite tv shows are. if they mention a soap opera or "the price is right" that means they are at home and not working. >> the nonpartisan center says households were using one major welfare program in 2010 and that is compared to 23% of other householding. if that is accurate, is that true? >> we are a nation of immigrants , but we need more high skilled immigrants to come to the country. newt gingrich had the point. he had a good point and if he earned a phd we should earn a
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green card. to have their places taken up by those who would go on the dull, that is problematic. >> a nation of immigrants, i have trademarked that phrase. don't use it again. senator sessions says it is much talked about. we have highly skilled workers turned away while free loaders are allowed in. >> i don't though where to go on this. until two weeks ago i was too scared to talk about it. it is really, really hard to be here. you do get examined every step of the way if you are trying to get a work visa that you aren't going to end up on welfare. quite frankly i i will have to dispute it on that level. we have 11 million people here illegally. you have to do something about that. but i am speaking as an immigrant and don't understand what either republicans or the democrats are doing about this at the moment. they are talking about a path
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to citizenship. if you came here illegally, yes, find a way to give them residency and make sure they pay their taxes. if you came here illegally, you came here dishonorably so why should you have the right to be an american citizen. i came here legally, and i know millions who want to come here legally and they president cay. america wants their taxes. they are the ones who should be allowed to be a citizen eventually. i don't understand where the politicians are. >> do you have your dpreen card on you? >> i have a copy in the green room. >> i will need to see a copy. you avoided deportation for years. what is the secret? >> the secret is being homeless. you are able to move quickly and move about going from alley to alley. let's look at this actual thing. it is called section 212a form. at the time of april plu location for admission or adjustment of status, it is likely at anytime to become a public charge, and then don't
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admit them. the public charge meaning someone who may or may not but then that is so vague. how do you gauge that? you can assume anybody coming to this country is leaving or doesn't have a job currently. you can't look at that arbitrarily and decide he stays and he goes. so what you've got is a party that says we are not anti-immigrant or anti-illegal immigrant, but they are going an anti-immigrant thing and said we should ban anyone who doesn't have a job coming in here. most probably don't. >> well, most don't have a job coming to america. >> a good amount would. they are on their way to get a job perhaps. perhaps they have offers, but they don't have the green card yet. >> first of all, you are talking -- the terminology is wrong. you need a nonimmigrant work visa and that takes years, and then you can get the green card. how would you even be
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considered an issue -- >> how would it be considered an issue if you have what you need to get a green card? these people shouldn't be collecting welfare. a lot are because we have a bad economy. >> if you want free stuff you go to work. you don't come here. the "wall street journal" said low income i'm tbrapts -- immigrants are less likely to receive public benefits than low income natives. >> i agree with you. i don't understand this. >> jim, do you understand this? >> i certainly don't, but things are getting heated here. >> i know. >> i love that businesses are now supposed to know the immigration status. but businesses always know. if you pick up your employees in front of a home depot in your pick up truck they are here illegally. if you are paying $3 an hour they are not here legally. >> to be here you have to be sponsored by a business if you are getting a work visa. to get a green card it is extra. >> if you are here illegally.
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>> they know your status because they are picking you up -- a lot of workers in l.a. especially will stand outside of these home depots and get picked up and do day labor. the cops know they are there and immigration knows they are there. >> they think they are doing day labor when i pick them up. >> that's the last they are ever seen. >> i am taking care of a problem while relieving stress. >> what do you think about the white house's leaked immigration plan? do you think it was leaked? do you think it was a trial balloon? or was it a reminder to congress that if you don't do something the president will? >> the last point, what can he do? he is the president. he can't actually force anything. him releasing the plan doesn't mean congress go, oh, well now we have to pass this plan. it makes him look tough. it is like, oh my god, he is going to demand the plan. it is good for republicans. people like marco rubio who gets to wail on the president's plan.
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they look tough, the president looks tough and in the end it will be something similar to rubio's plan and the president's plan because they are not that far apart. >> this is my favorite part. when senator sessions asked the homeland security for the exact figure of how many immigrants came here and became public charges and were put on welfare programs. dhs said they didn't have that number because of data entry bz pro. this is the department of homeland security. they can't even keep track of something like this. >> i think my favorite thing is you have a favorite part of a leaked immigration plan. >> i know. >> i didn't think it was possible. >> you don't want to know what my second favorite part was. >> this is why i see creately wanted the -- why i see creately president whatted the cat to stay. from welfare to spell fare. bill, that's not even a word. they are letting them ditch class to practice witch craft. the university of missouri hassed ad -- has added wiccan
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religions to help them schedule exams and other student activities. it includes things like chinese new year and mainstream holidays like christmas, hanukkah and channing-tatum's birthday. while not taken seriously the school hasn't received complaints about it and many have found it, quote, useful and informational. we track down a typical wiccan ceremony. >> we are getting letters from wiccans now. is this a big deal or a huge deal? >> i am totally in favor of this. we have all admitted that college is a waste of time. it costs a lot of money, and you are there and learning 3w*
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sexual liberation and canadian fiction, and you are bankrupting yourself doing it. you may get more from lighting candles. it may be more beneficial in the long run. immogen, the american identification survey showed roughly 700,000 americans say they are wiccan or neo pagan. why not include their holidays in a guide? >> that and let's face it. a lot of these holidays were matched up to holidays that already exist. christianity took their holidays from pagan sigh m -- pay begannism. that's how it began. easter came from an anglo saxan goddess. i am a bit worried about the nuns. >> well, nuns in america. >> well, that is atheists.
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>> they are not uh fill rated to any -- uh affiliated to any religion. they need a proper holiday. >> that is what you give up. >> holidays. by being a none. >> they don't get heaven or holidays? that's cruel. >> i don't make the rules. the university points out this guide has been out since last fall and nobody complained. is this one of the manufacturerred stories we love to do here? >> i hardly think people are manufacturing outrage on a slow news day. it is a very important story jie. it is our second -- >> it is our second story in a block. let's focus on that. >> i am tired of the religious holidays and the religious beliefs. everybody just shut up about their religion. keep it to yourself. just stay home on a religious holiday. just don't come in. that's all. don't come into work. >> i don't think a professor should look at this guide and say, well, i shouldn't schedule an exam on beltin.
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but it is useful because it would let professors know if they have students who celebrate these holidays they can make arrangements for them to take it another day. >> if they have students who celebrate these holidays they should teachers and these students to stop trying to be different. they are trying to be different and interesting. what are you doing? i am a wiccan. oh, tell us. >> i think that is unfair to wiccans who legitimately believe what they believe. >> i'm sure you are right. i am not above being unfair and an ass. >> or a bigot. bill, this is interesting because no religion wants to be affiliated with you. you have been turned down 17 times by 17 denominations and sects. what do you make of this? >> thank you, i was waiting for the question part. i thought there would be another paragraph of being hated. first of all, get your story straight. i am a decorated veteran of the war on christmas. stories like this make me think. as a veteran when i read
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something like this, when i get out they pull me back in. i willowed up my santa can gnaw -- i will load up my santa cannon and we will go on these wiccans. i don't want to alien name thet because wiccans sound easy so i may want to go to dinner with them at some point. >> are you all bigots. >> rut one who assuming being easy is a bad thing. >> i am not saying it is a bad thing. you are stereo typing based on outdated norms and things that disgust me. >> don't get me started on morays. >> so where -- we have freedom of religion in this country. it is enshrined in our constitution. >> supposedly. >> unless you don't want to pay for certain things and then the government forces you to do it anyway. >> learned that the hard way. >> but if you are going to have freedom of religion and respect for people's religion
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beliefs, it can't just be the big three or whatever you want to call them. >> no. what we were talking about earlier, we want the immigrants and people coming here who have skills and talents and making themselves into americans. they are going to come from all over the world. the universities will have to recognize the religions that come with them. that's part of the changing fabric of america. >> and you had an excellent point. >> it has been said that one of the traditions that is related to paganism and christianity is the christmas tree. that has pagan roots. when people say that to me i punch them in the face. again i am a veteran. don't use the c-word when it comes to my holiday. >> jim, final thoughts or just kill this? >> i think both. the older i have gotten, the less tolerance i have of people talking about their religion. enough already.
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it is a sacred thing. you should have the right to worship as you wouldn't, but shut up about it. i don't care. the christians, the jews, the muslims, i am sick of it. >> surely not the jews. >> i am in show business, no, jews are fine. >> you are welcome for that save. >> andy is stile still flinching. what is it like to dump an entire can of soda on an unsuspecting homeless person? that's immogen's latest book. and is a future stark from a maker's mark? it will if they let me near the distill re. i will drink you dry! sorry. i don't know where that came from.
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was the dude from "30 rock" on a bigoted dog walk? during a delightful stroll with his pooch, alec baldwin grabbed a post reporter and yelled racial epitaphs at the photographer. he was asking about his wife facing a lawsuit when he said she responded by yanking the arm and said i want to choke you to death. when post photog informed baldwin he was a retired cop alec dismissed the it and said a nasty word that starts with c and rhymes with moon. he was saying serious racist stuff. he said choice words about my mother and telling people on the street i am a drug dealer. he could have said a lot of other stuff, but used all of the stereo types related to black people. how are you holding up, ab?
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maybe he will talk to us later. he was traumatized by the whole thing. jim, i also need to point out that baldwin denies any of this happened. although he did continue to refer to the photographer as a crack head on twitter before he deleted the tweets. >> i love this one. more fake outrage. the man said a bad word. what a bunch of dummies americans are. just obsessing over whether or not alec -- first of all this guy, i think this guy was a cop and was in narcotics so 15 years at nypd narcotics and you are shocked somebody used a stereo type? shut your face. the press does nothing but take nonstories and make them stories. they behave in an invasive manner and then your reaction is the headline story. them complaining about how somebody reacts is like
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sandusky complaining a kid spilled ice cream on his rug. they propel the story on purpose. >> did you miss the part where i said the new york post is owned by fox news parent company? >> the post has been good to me. but they fall in the sub category of media. i am not talking about walter crone kite. that's not what we have in journalism anymore. just a bunch of tabloid reporters trying to get the next big story. it is gross. >> immogen, you said in the green room that baldwin wasn't racist enough. explain yourself. i. >> i love you so much. baldwin did warn all of the paparazzi last year and all of the press he wanted to water board them. quite frankly let's not have a go to be fair. his wife is being sued.
12:25 am
apparently one of them was a bit uncomfortable. there is a lawsuit going on and this reporter was asking about the stupid lawsuit and no wonder he did what he did. >> well, he kept calling the photographer ralston. he referred to another black photographer even though that was not his name. does he think every black person's name starts with r? >> racism veiled or otherwise is deplorable. what else can we expect from this point from the irish? >> bill, speaking of the lawsuit against baldwin's yoga instructor wife, how is that going? >> it is going good. i am limping less. the downward kind is not my cup of tea. i was a beginning.
12:26 am
i will say something controversial, andrew. i am against racism. he offended a cute girl. it is very hard to find cute reporters in print and she is one of them. how dare you? don't discourage this woman from taking this noble profession and going to something like tv that will exploit. >> no cogency from you whatsoever. >> i don't think you know what that means. >> i don't. malcolm smith says if they these allegations are true, no television network or film studio should hire him until he gets help for anger management. agree? i was pretty sure how you would respond. >> this is the thing. >> you agree with the state senator. >> why would he be angry with these people?
12:27 am
guy why does nobody ever tell the press to take anger management or take behavior altering courses for the way they behave. they are evasive and under the guys of getting a story. the journalists will go overseas and are being shot at. that is a different breed of journalists. those are real journalists doing a public service. these nits who are around in everybody's hair going what about the lawsuit, what about the lawsuit? you reacted like, did you hear what he said? >> it could be somewhat short of i want to choke you to death? >> he was honest. why are politicians honest? >> i want to choke you to death and that's how i would feel. >> that's good. get them off your chest. >> do you have video of your
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animal doing something? go to fox eye. half time report from jedediah bila. >> it is sponsored by laughter. thanks, laughter. >> when you need to be somewhere on time, every time, find someone else. for everything else there is rick shaw rick shawl.
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we are back. let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. how are you, jedediah? >> you got a lot wrong. >> i had that feeling. >> well, i have to go to jim first. fiesty little topic, and jim, you said that you would ask these i'm grabts what their favorite tv show is to find out more about them. what would you do if they said "red eye"? >> nobody could give that answer and mean it. >> i would give it. that's not true. i would say "red eye" is my favorite.
12:33 am
>> if you did say that i would scream, liar. >> all right, immogen, you made the best two points of the segment so congratulations. >> i wasn't expecting that so thanks. >> you did a great job. you said first off that if people come here illegally you come here dishonorably, and you sort of talked about why those people shouldn't be rewarded. now i agree with that point, but i want to ask you how can you make that a politically pallettable argument in that country. >> there are three stages to immigration. your nonimmigrant work visa and you can get a grown card where you pay tax for life to america wherever you end up and citizenship. i am not saying people who came here shouldn't get residency and shouldn't pay tax for life wherever they end up. all i am saying is that's where it should stop. at the moment, both republicans and democrats are saying they should have a path to sip they should pass the
12:34 am
residency and if they came here illegally, yes, they should have part citizenship. you came as an adult dishahn honorably and why should you have the fundamental amazing gift. a lot of people work hard and they can't get there. >> i agree with you. i am just trying to figure out how the republican party can make that argument against a path to citizenship and still have it be a successful argument and not be demonized for it. >> it should be possible. immigrants who are not here don't talk about. it i didn't feel brave enough to talk about it until today when i was forced in the a block because it was a slow news day and i couldn't leave because it was a monday and everybody else was off work. but i was genuinely frightened and i feel honored to be here and it is a hard process to be here. >> you mean as a "red eye" guest? >> as a "red eye" guest. >> i have to go to you. you said it was kind of anti-immigrant to holdup a sign and say if you are on welfare or on government
12:35 am
assistance or don't have a job, you are not welcome. i completely see your po nie t on that. don't we have to draw the line at some point? don't we have to say that if you are not financially self-sufficient you can't just sort of go on the government dole and cost them a ton more money because we are broke? >> i don't understand the line. it didn't seem to me they had specific talking points as to why one person looks less employable or solve vent when they come into this country when they are in the same financial dire straits, but could be employable. that's the part i don't get. >> and you talked about the leak plan. what would obama's motivation be, but obviously deceptionment i think it is about owning the argument. he really likes to be the guy in power.
12:36 am
a lot of talk of bipartisan ship is fun, but he wants to be the guy that proves to everyone i am on top of this plan. when republicans come out with a plan he can still say, well i had it first and my plan is better. that will be in the back of everyone's mind. you say what? >> >> that is correct. he says i am demanding a plan and this is the plan my base wants and i am putting it forward even if i am leaking it. it is also a good way to work with his lies across the aisle and it allows them to stand up and attack the president. >> yes, i agree with you. i agree. >> we have to go to wiccans because that is a hot topic apparently. i have to go to bill first. you are a decorated veteran of the war on christmas. if that's true why do you show up at my house every night in a santa suit?
12:37 am
>> i can see why you won't let me in. i am an appropriate guy and i realize are you not a co-worker. that's an issue. >> the problem is it is the top half. >> well i am santa and porky pig. >> that's the term we use in our profession. >> the problem is he comes with a santa suit and he has no cookies and no gifts. >> i would like to think of myself as the suite. >> let's not go. >> some gifts from bill never go away. >> stop moving. >> i will always find you, but you have moving a lot lately. >> i am hiding from you. >> i would like to also point out in general that barack obama did not address this wiccan controversy in the state of the union. i am going to assume that he is anti-wiccan. i would like somebody to note that for the record. >> noted. >> okay. >> you noted nothing. >> andy, you actually said -- you made a good p oi nt that
12:38 am
there are a lot of people who are wiccans. if we are going to acknowledge all of the other holidays why these? i tend to agree with you in a sense. but can we really acknowledge them all? will it get to a point where kids will never do their homework to work around? >> every religion has their holidays slash festivals. i don't see what the problem s. s -- problem is. i understand businesses or whatever shutdown on christmas because we are a majority christian nation by a lot. that makes complete sense. i think you let people whose religion is smaller you let them celebrate whether they are jewish or wiccan or neo pagan or whatever. >> i want to say to andy, don't you think the fact he deletes his tweets all the time and says these terrible things all the time, doesn't
12:39 am
it make him look guilty from the get go? >> i do retweets all the time. >> that's terrible. >> i don't have to keep the time line clean. i delete a lot of at replies. >> what happens is he tweets them and then his publicist sees them and says you shouldn't have tweeted that, and then he deletes them. >> all right. let's see. i think we are almost done. >> i had one more. we are having a great conversation on the side. you can go and finish up. >> thanks, jedediah. >> see you tomorrow. coming up, what is the best line for picking up prostitutes? jim norton tells us about his new book get out of my dreams and into my car. first, what is up with danica patrick? my good friend has the latest scoop.
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well, he flipped his lid and slapped a kid. now the old sob is out of a j-o-b. a 60-year-old idaho man accused of using a racial slur before slapping a two-year-old on a recent flight. he has been charged with assault following the incident on a minneapolis to atlanta flight earlier this month. that's where an allegedly drunk hundley told the mother of a toddler next to him to, quote, shuts that n-word baby up and smack the kid in the face. he called his behavior offensive and disturbing and confirm he's is no longer employed with the company, but won't say if he is fired or quit. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> jim, no one besides todd
12:44 am
kill looy can defend what this guy did. the question is should he lose his job over it? >> he is a creep. if he actually did this, this is my favorite part of wormy, corporate america. they actually released a statement saying we wish to emphasize that behavior that is contradictory to our values. is anybody really thinking that is in the company's line saying that's what we stand for. it didn't have to be about you. the guy is a creepe fired? >> i don't know. it is hard to have em empathy for a guy that would slap a baby. maybe he shouldn't be fired, but if that is true anybody on the plane should have been allowed to knock his teeth out. >> that's a good point. >> do you think they were looking for a reason to fire this guy? >> it is kids screaming on planes. now is the time to have adults only planes, and if you want to take a child on a plane go on a separate plane.
12:45 am
there needs to be a division here. i have a problem with children screaming on planes. when i it was 2 i -- when i was 2 i wasn't allowed to scream on a plane, so i don't understand why these children get on planes and start screaming. go somewhere else. they are awful. nothing worse. >> well, isn't it weak of the company to not say whether or not they fired him, or is there a legal reason they can't. >> as with everything in america there is a weird, legal reason or legal lawsuit, but i am a bad civil libertarian. the fbi got involved, but i don't care what happens to him. fire him, put him in jail. >> the fbi got involved on the plane. >> they is sky marshals. >> i don't know, i don't care. >> a very leslie nielsen.
12:46 am
>> so did your buddy sandusky. >> what a great head of hair. did i say jerry said? >> are you on a personal basis. >> good luck. >> you once was slapped by could i could i could i -- by kylie kylie-mono go e. >> yes but i don't know what this has to do with it. god bless him he looks exactly the way i pictured he would look in my mind's eye. he is going to be a weird hybrid between mr. roper and mr. furle mr. furle -- furley. in the mug shop he will be, of course this happened. next thing you will tell me is i lost my job. that's exactly how we all thought he would look. thanks, guy with the hair. >> i pictured him like anthony
12:47 am
cume. >> slightly older and less hairy. >> next pop particular, they are cutting the amount of alcohol in the bought m tolls of -- in the bottles of famous whisky. >> last week the company announced plans to lower the amount to 42% because of a supply shortage. that lead to a backlash from customers. will if the problem is on a supply end you raise the price, right? isn't that how capitalism works? did anyone even get the chance to taste it? everybody was so enraged. people were so enraged by the whiskey. robot planes, a little less whiskey. >> i know you don't drink and i was a little surprised at
12:48 am
this huge uproar. it wasn't a giant drop in alcohol con at the present time. >> -- alcohol content. >> that's what the rallying cry is. 6% less proof. moch drunker can you get -- how much drunker can you get? you know what i mean? you wake up with the same class of girl, believe me. >> you think did they learn their lesson here? you don't compromise your product? >> all brands can make a mistake, but it is how they react to that mistake. these guys reacted in a week. they were all over it and they had to react. >> your dealer was adding more draino to your coke. >> he does not sleep. it is amazing.
12:49 am
>> i do not like whiskey drinkers. >> can i answer a question? >> yes. >> you look enough like a lady, hop in. >> what was the question? >> it was something about best line for a prostitute. >> time to take a break. a special performance of tonight's musical guest.
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last topic. on sunday danica patrick won the pole for the daytona 500. she is the first woman to secure the top spot for any sprint cup race running a qualifying lap of over 1 thine 6 miles per hour -- 196 miles per hour. it is her biggest achievement as she continues to make the transition to the far, far better world of nascar. i go to you first because i assume you won't make any jokes about women drivers. >> not at all. i don't know why we are surprised when a woman driver does something that a male driver does. all you have to do is step on the gay is and not hit -- step on the gas and not hit a
12:54 am
pole. >> there is not a pole. >> exactly. i interviewed her once and she is the best smelling person i ever met. >> i imagine her wearing the female equivalent of ax. >> no, whatever she was wearing was delightful. >> she has never been back. >> she has not. >> that's weird. >> she will though. >> immo em en, -- immogen, is this truly an historic day for your gender? >> well, women have always been superior drivers. i think uk received a survey that conclusively proves that 57% of men have accidents in the car and 44% of women do, therefore women are the better drivers. had no idea really what this is talking about, but this is like a billy gene king moment. >> i would just like to point out that the men may have the accidents, but it is the woman who causes it and then drives
12:55 am
off unoblivious as eight cars smash behind her. >> not to mention the fact that we have more accidents. >> i have nothing to back that up. >> maybe they are being nagged on the it. >> really? let's jus move on. let's just move on. what does this mean for the sport? >> i could not be more ignorant about -- is this nascar? >> this is nascar. >> i don't have a license. i know nothing about any of this. i understand she might meet a guy named jeff gordon? is that right? >> she qualified better than he did. >> my aunt hates jeff gordon. >> jeff gordon should be hated. >> bill, would you agree i would say danica probably one of the top five best looking drivers in nascar. >> i would put gordon above her. >> really? >> yes. i have no problem that she did this. >> you have no problem? good for you. >> i don't.
12:56 am
>> i am for lady drivers. do i think she should have won as much as a male winner? absolutely not. absolutely not. but you can cross your little lines. expect to collect 20%. >> you understand she hasn't won the race. >> i was not told that. go danica. i think it is probably good for nascar and draws attention to the sport. she is not a great driver. she might be some day. >> we will close things out with the post game wrap up with jedediah bila. go to fox eye.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" the return of greg. how about that? and return appearances from joe devito, tokes news anchor patti ann browne and chris mairn.
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